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The last 3-4 months is considered to be the fourth quarter. So, just like in sports, you want to finish strong and prepare for the next game or season and in our case, we need to prepare for the first season of next year 2022. Finishing strong, entails saving as much money as you can in order to invest it in the near future, completing obligations made previously so that it doesn’t spill into the next year. As well as being disciplined in regard to fitness-health-personal and financial goals, and not letting the winter curve your ambitions.

My mindset in the fourth quarter of 2019, was that I wanted to play Monopoly in 2020.  I took action and put in the work to set up six investment groups in 2020 and finished the year with: a food truck, a pizza restaurant, firework stand, a liquor store, self-service car wash, business incubator and a cleaning business. Set BIG SHORT-TERM GOALS for the year and focus on the things that you want to accomplish within a fiscal year, and do not get distracted by what goals you want to achieve in the years ahead. For more help and guidance please feel free to contact me.


By Timothy Simpson A.K.A Tim The Motivator & Business Coach Tim

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