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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” -Dr Seuss

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit into societies’ perception of ‘normal’ and that everyone else around you seemed to belong except you? I am here to tell you that you do belong so, embrace your weirdness, love your quirks and accept what makes you, YOU. Normal is overrated anyways…

When we often hear the term ‘Black Sheep’ it almost always has negative connotations attached to it.

Outcast, weirdo, failure, unworthy, reject, loner, the lost, the forgotten and in between.

So Let’s flip it on its head…Being the black sheep means that you are not like everyone else, you are unique. You stand out amongst the crowd, you were destined to be brilliant and bold.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong but do you really if you have to water yourself down in an attempt to fit in? Sometimes I feel like I don’t truly belong, but who is to tell me whether I do or do not? It’s all about perspective. Throughout the many experiences that I have encountered in life so far, a lot has changed for me. I used to feel so uncomfortable with fully being myself, so I would suppress my personality in order for people to like me and find me tolerable, but honestly it is so exhausting.

The problem is that we have been conditioned to feel so unsure of who we truly are, so we have concealed the most authentic part of us very deep in our subconscious. Constantly worrying and being anxious about what people think, how we should act in social environments in case people don’t like us. Well that stops TODAY. I finally realised that the only thing that really matters is how we view and feel about OURSELVES.

This past year I set myself the challenge of making a conscious effort to fully embrace myself, all of my flaws, my imperfections, my unusual traits, things that make me, ME. I have not yet completed this mammoth task, as it is an ongoing process and I will be real, sometimes it is extremely difficult. Then I remember that reaching the level of unbothered, where being unapologetically myself at all times comes naturally to me, will be worth all of the internal battles I currently face against myself. Experiencing such a euphoric feeling of peace within oneself, that my happiness and how I act is no longer determined by society or peoples’ judgements? THAT is my goal.

So how do we become completely comfortable with ourselves in a society where we feel unaccepted? Well firstly we need to strip back to the basics. Unlearning the toxic conditioning of society can be very difficult and uncomfortable so take it one step at a time. It also all comes back to having a healthy relationship with yourself. Check out my previous article … to view some simple tips on how to achieve this. Once you develop a healthy relationship with yourself, being considered ‘different’ won’t feel like a negative thing to you anymore, but more like a blessing. Honestly, who wants to be the same as everyone else? We were all created to be unique in our own way so embrace it!

Start showing up as who you really are and everything else will naturally fall into place. Accomplishing this will take time, and patience is key, so even when you feel disheartened, hold your head up high and strut forward. Become so comfortable with who you are, that anything anyone says or does, has no negative affect on how you act or view yourself. Imagine the liberation of no longer suppressing yourself, by creating a persona of you that is more ‘palatable’ to others? I know it easier to fit in than to be ourselves, but to stand out and radiate the version of ourselves that is most authentically us takes courage. I challenge you to do the same…

Remember: Your uniqueness holds so much power… be brilliant, be bold, be YOU.

P.S. Never be afraid of being different, be afraid of becoming the same as everyone else!


By Christabel Edeh







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