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It is always worth comparing and contrasting research, and why would we not do the same when looking at cybersecurity?  After all, the world wide web knows very few boundaries (dependant on wireless connectivity).

Looking at the threat, cyber actors performing various vulnerability exploits in the West begged the question, are the same exploits being used to attack the African cyber world?

Various cybersecurity trends including the overall professionalisation of cybercrimes, has shown the following attacks are taking place in Africa as well:

  1. The rise of Ransomware attacks on businesses and companies of all types and sizes.
  2. Social Media Scams – claiming to people they are not, with a view to extracting monies from lonely and vulnerable people.
  3. Email Exploitation Threats, also known as Phishing Attacks, which seeks to get the end user to click on a malicious link and obtain monies from them.
  4. Attacking Smartphone users (using sophisticated ‘man in the middle’ exploits, to get their phones to connect to ‘Fake Cell Towers’ and obtain the users contact details, and the details of their contacts including the ever-increasing availability of the Internet of Things (IoT), which are now being attacked as a way to gain access to victims’ properties.
  5. Big Bounty Business Email Scams, seeking to gain access to the main servers of a company and remove all their data and sell that information on the ‘Dark Web’ in exchange for untraceable cryptocurrencies (yes there is more than just the Bitcoin’)

So, it is clear to see that the cyber vulnerabilities experienced in the West, are also found in Africa. Organised criminal gangs are using many cyber tools to protect their identities, whilst using other tools to exploit their victims. 

Cyber threat monitoring of all networks needs to improve. Greater deterrents must be introduced, or the situation worldwide will simply continue on an upward trajectory, until the internet cannot be considered as a safe place to do business of any kind. Providing Education on IT related subjects to all users of tech, will be a massive undertaking (if not impossible).

Hope you found this piece interesting, and if you would like to know more about tech related subjects, then please let me know? And I will be glad to port more information here. 

Keep safe and well – the AfroGlobal community is great to be part of.

Thank you.

Dr Attilio Grandani CySA


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