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Nigeria, with an estimated GDP of $594.3 billion in 2016 helps to make Africa the current fastest growing economy in the world, and according to an African report by Knight Frank; Nigeria alone will quadruple in population to more than four billion people by 2100 which will result in Africa accommodating almost 40% of the world’s population. With this significant economic and population growth, the property investment sector in Africa is expected to boom.

International property investors have already started developing eco-friendly buildings within the key cities in Africa, such as Abuja, Johannesburg, Accra and Nairobi. In addition to this, the retail sector has seen a significant increase in activities and eCommerce is expected to explode in Africa within the next few decades.

Furthermore, as a result of the increase in the African urban middle class, various infrastructural solutions are being implemented in order to facilitate the expanding emerging needs. There is also a continued interest and need for property development organisations in Africa to implement sustainable infrastructure within new developments in order to limit the negative effects of primitive infrastructure on our global environment.

These trends present great opportunities for Africa, and the property investment sector within these markets have the opportunity to leverage their property construction and development activities for maximum yield.

Samantha Rockson

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