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Technology is changing every facet of our lives at spectacular speed with the adoption of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and e-commerce. More so, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the template of commerce and is accelerating digital transformation across the globe. Innovations in agriculture, education, medicine, supply chain, communication, and production are being leveraged to address the enormous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, there is greater urgency for Africa to adopt a new playbook to be agile in the face of the disruption caused by the crisis. Furthermore, the pace of rapid technological growth is set to alter the future of work and create challenges for governments in building a policy environment that stimulates investment ecosystems, solutioning, meaningful and large-scale employment for fast-growing populations. There is also recognition that streamlined policy frameworks and regulatory best practices drive the development and adoption of emerging technologies to boost the growth of an inclusive digital economy.

Africa is rapidly becoming at the forefront of emerging economies, demonstrating consistent growth with the potential for much more to come. It is no wonder that Africa is widely considered as the next frontier for seismic regeneration and economic development; the potential for fruitful investments is apparent.

However, the consequences of youth unemployment in Africa are extremely concerning for the continent, but also for the international community. Unemployment translates to poor living conditions, which fuels migration out of Africa, and contributes to conflict on the continent itself. Above all, youth unemployment constitutes a major impediment to one of the continent’s greatest assets for growth: its large and growing population of talented young people. It is within this context that the Emergent Africa Forum was born. The Emergent Africa Forum (EAF) is a signature event of the Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) Inc, a non-profit organization headquartered in Minnesota, United States; a gateway to the community (Diaspora) and the continent (Africa). The EAF is a digital confluence of elevated ideas and mindset; a solution focused event that seeks to accelerate tech Investments in Africa and Diaspora Nations in strategic and impactful ways.

The Maiden Edition of the EAF, is scheduled to take place this September at the Twin Cities Startup Week 21′. The Second Largest Startup Week in North America. TCSW plays host to 19,000+ attendees, 200+ events, hundreds of speakers, pitches, demos + more.

The event is themed: “Illuminating Africa and the Diaspora” with the purpose of  accelerating tech investments within AfroGlobal communities.

The ACOFDC Inc., intends to leverage the conference —which will bring together hundreds of leading statesmen,  heads of States from Africa, Ministers, Fortune 500 Companies, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Startups companies. Featured Speakers and VIP guests from both the Corporate and Public sector, to shine a spotlight on the continent and the diaspora extraction, exposing technological advancements and pending potential to build an economy of world class.

The ACOFDC intends to launch laudable initiatives such as; the Diaspora Digital Bank, ACOFDC Fund ($100 million Rural Africa enrichment fund.), Rural Industrial Zones ( a Diaspora Cooperative Trade Hub.), Global Remote Jobs Mobilization Initiative, Ideation Lab (Diaspora Hybrid Incubator/Accelerator.) and Emergent Africa Forum.

In the short-term, in order to regenerate an inclusive digital economy in Africa and the diaspora, the ACOFDC plans to make significant commitment in education and training, create an environment and mobilization for remote jobs, advocate for access to finance and favorable policies for startups, and engage in strategic partnerships in alliance with policy makers, technology partners, regulatory agencies, and investors.

In the medium-term, the ACOFDC will continue its efforts towards radical capital mobilization to help accelerate growth in digital companies on the continent and in the diaspora immigrant communities with emphasis on democratization of access to capital in rural Africa thereby accelerating the adoption of emerging tech methodologies to spur growth in the hinterlands of Africa. Africa is a big  market, the African Diaspora is a $65B+ financial powerhouse; a huge purchasing power exists within the community. Visit the website to participate in the emergent Africa forum. Let the ACOFDC be your gateway to the AfroGlobal community and the African continent.


By Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo

Vitalis Tita,

Head of Communications

Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce

Chair Communications sub-committee, EAF 2021 Organizing Committee

Phone | +2347035652264 Email |

Fb | Tw | Lnk | @emergentafrica

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